Advantages of PGT at Fairfax Diagnostics

Our vast experience means that we can offer you an extraordinarily talented group of laboratory experts, physicians, and genetic counselors, some of whom are former faculty members at leading universities or the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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PGT at Fairfax Diagnostics uses high resolution Next Generation Sequencing technology (NGS).

Timely Results

Results available in as little as 7 business days after receiving sample.


Our lab is headquartered conveniently in Fairfax, Virginia in the Washington, DC metropolitan region.


Fairfax Diagnostics has over 38 years of experience in the field of assisted reproductive technology. Our expert team of molecular and clinical geneticists have been at the forefront of pioneering PGT test design, validation, and clinical application.


Fairfax Diagnostics was founded in 1984 in partnership with Genetics & IVF Institute as a complete embryo testing solution for couples pursuing IVF.


We maintain a zero-misdiagnosis rate in all three PGT programs at Fairfax Diagnostics. All results are reviewed by a team molecular and clinical PhD and MD experts.